Some of our therapists offer Walk and Talk Therapy. This form of therapy can be beneficial for a few reasons, some of which are listed below:

• Eye contact can be anxiety-provoking for some clients. With Walk & Talk Therapy, you do not face your therapist, but rather walk alongside them. This is often more comfortable for many patients.

• Bilateral movement has shown to be effective in processing as well as grounding, therefore Walk & Talk Therapy could potentially be beneficial in treatment progress.

• Nature is a grounding tool and can increase feelings of well-being.

• Being outdoors triggers the use of all five senses.

• Body movement, especially of large muscles, decreases anxiety and increases feel-good hormones, often completing the stress cycle.

• Changes in scenery are not only more interesting but also more engaging.

In late 2020, Canadian doctors made headlines for “prescribing nature,” or recommended time outdoors based on research that suggests people who spent two or more hours in nature per week improved their health and wellbeing. Source: Drexel University

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