Intern from ECU

Hello, my name is T.J. Dudley, and I am a Counselor Education graduate student at East Carolina University.  Throughout my childhood and into my earlier adulthood, I have struggled with being my authentic self.  I walked through life trying to please others, trying to fit into societal norms, and trying to shrink myself in order to make others comfortable around me.  By doing all of these things, along with experiencing trauma, my inner being suffered in silence.  Through my own personal healing journey, I now believe that being your true authentic self is one of the best ways to honor yourself and the Universe.  My main mission in life is to use my education and experiences to help others discover their authentic selves, and build their confidence in who they are, while uprooting any negative core beliefs planted by others.   Additionally, my desire is to help others through their healing journey by creating a safe space for them to process past traumas, connecting behavior and thought patterns that are impeding on their healing process, offering different perspectives to help them gain valuable insights, and providing them with helpful tools for coping during triggering and stressful situations.  I am a strong advocate for the underdogs of society and the black sheep of families, as well as anyone who has ever felt inadequate. And I strive to promote mental wellness, normalize mental health, and be a positive beacon of light in the world.

Email T.J.: [email protected]

Supervised by Niyera Hewlett, LCMHC

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