I have always been fascinated by behavioral science and neurology. Understanding why individuals behave or think in specific ways helps to acquire self-awareness and alter behavior. Beyond that, communication is at the heart of every relationship. This intrigue led to my completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Psychology from Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC. I am currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Clinical MentalHealth Counseling with a planned completion date of August 2024. I am continually expanding my knowledge of modern trauma interventions and neuropsychotherapy.

Before my clinical studies, I gained valuable experience in child advocacy, substance abuse, and assisting cancer patients in navigating their medical journeys. I am also honored to assist US Veterans who are transitioning to civilian life with various traumas. I have over twenty years of experience as a self-employed business owner and former corporate employee. My background provides a diverse perspective as I support individuals with career changes and general life transitions.

My philosophy centers on promoting whole health by seamlessly integrating physiological health with psychological wellness. I am grounded in a holistic, person-centered, evidenced-based approach with the goal of empowering others. I have a lifelong passion for learning and exploring the connections between the mind, body, and spirit. Having faced some challenging situations in my own life, I discovered the benefits of yoga, meditation, mindful breathing, and conscious mind-body awareness techniques. Learning and applying these ancient healing practices in my daily life brings me immense happiness.

While helping others to weather life’s storms, I remain dedicated to staying at the forefront of research, which helps me tailor treatments to the unique needs and preferences of those I serve. When not in sessions, spending time on nature walks and training my Golden Retriever to become a Nationally Certified Therapy dog are some of my favorite activities.

Email Lorie: [email protected]

My Specialties Include:

• Trauma
• Life Transitions
• Career Transitions
• Mindfulness
• Anxiety
• Depression

Supervised by Niyera Hewlett
$30 intern rate with limited pro bono spots available

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