Intern from ECU

I work with individuals working through a variety of mental health concerns. My experience includes but is not limited to providing support for unresolved trauma, unhealthy family dynamics, depression, grief and loss, anxiety, stress, relationship challenges, and difficulty adjusting to changing circumstances. I specialize in working with teens and adults who have anxiety or trauma-related issues and have a passion for helping individuals create healthy relationships with themselves and others. My approach is very holistic in nature and emphasizes the importance of getting to know each client and the multiple aspects of their current life, past, and hopes for the future that have guided their beliefs and decisions thus far. My aim is to provide a safe and supportive, therapeutic space where clients feel empowered to achieve their goals and recognize their strengths and personal power. I draw on aspects of mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive- Behavioral Techniques to assist clients in identifying and restructuring maladaptive thinking that has contributed to negative feelings and behaviors, while emphasizing actions and circumstances that have supported a pathway toward goals and desires.

Email Millia: [email protected]

Supervised by Niyera Hewlett, LCMHC

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